Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

Chone "CHONE!" Figgins has decided to create a charitable foundation.  It's name?

"Get Figgy With It."

This is officially either the worst or the best thing I have ever heard in my entire life.  "Get Figgy With It" has ignited a whole new feeling in me.  It's somewhat near to delight, and somewhat kin to disgust.  I can't describe it.  It's like the moment when hysterical laughter becomes hysterical crying, somewhat like pleasure but also a lot like pain.

If Foucault were still with us, he'd have a lot to write about Chone and this visceral reaction to his encouragement for us all to "Get Figgy With It."  Frankly, it's an intellectual pairing I'd love to see.

"He's no Doug Fister, but he'll do."

1 comment:

Dad Solo said...

In three months' time you will be stalking Chone Figgins. Book it.