Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Isn't She Lovely?

My favorite person to whom I did not give birth or marry is featured in Theater Communications Group's article "Repast, Present, Future."  Her name is Hannah "The Morah" Treuhaft, and you would all be lucky to know her and the awesome work she does for Sojourn Theater and Plate and Pitchfork in Portland.  Fear not if you find this post awfully short to honor someone so remarkable; The Morah is destined for numerous mentions in this illustrious forum.

Isn't she wonderful?

Also, her friend and stage manager, Liam, and her chicken whose name I forget are on the cover of American Theater magazine.

Isn't she precious?

Yeah, she's hot shit.  But I'm still better than she is, and that's a burden she'll always bear.

Aren't we pretty?  Truly the angels' best.

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