Monday, March 29, 2010

A Weekend of Sensory Delights: A Dialogic Photo/Video Essay

"Hey, Livy!  How do you like sitting on the grass for the first time?"

"Mama, I said INdoorsy!  I'm INdoorsy!"

"It's TOUCHING me!  Make it stop TOUCHING me!"

"The depth of my ennui knows no limit."

"Sorry about that.  How about we dry your tears and try some seltzer?"

"Hooray!  The day is redeemed!  Now what about waffle fries at Mama and Daddy's favorite kid-friendly pub?"

"Hell yeah, people.  Now we're talking."

"Oh, Livy.  What a generous offer!"

"I did well at the slots this week.  It's on me!"

"We love you, baby girl."

"I love you, Mama, even though you wrestled me still for this shot."

"I love you, Daddy, especially when you let me gouge your eyes out Roy Batty-style."

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Anonymous said...

That was not only awesome but wildly entertaining! I shall recommend it to the masses!