Thursday, December 03, 2009

Love That Man

Tonight in our PEPS group we had as a guest speaker a woman who specialized in infant movement and development.  Her props, which were all awesome, included a gym mat for the babies to wiggle around on, shiny streamers for the babies to play with, a large lycra sheet for swinging the babies hammock-style, and two large sacks of dodgeballs on which to roll the babies around.

SLB, my mate and true love, in a flat monotone with a perfect deadpan expression said in the general hubbub of conversation "That's a lot of balls."  Of course I couldn't look at him, or else I'd have laughed, which was his exact intention.

Oh, sweet SLB, you were truly made for me.  And I, having written "two large sacks" earlier, was clearly made for you.

Our married hands on Parisian beers.  Le sigh...

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