Thursday, December 03, 2009

Greenlake Goodtimes

One of our regular Adventures is a walk around Greenlake, a wonderful park about a mile from our house.  It has a roughly 3-mile path paved around it that's ideal for strollers, so Livy and I are there a couple of times a week, weather permitting, to get some fresh air and exercise.  It's also the place to see and be seen if you're a stay at home mom.  I usually see one or two people I know in the course of a wander around the lake.

On top of that, it's lovely.

In spite of such loveliness, one of us is never impressed.  Perhaps because she is only barely tolerating wearing a hat, which she hates.  Her 'do is precious to her; she resents giving it up in the name of warmth.

Greenlake is a hotbed of a regional tradition of saving people's, usually children's, lost articles of clothing by draping them creatively from trees, bushes, and fences.  It creates a whimsical botanical landscape, reminiscent of the sugary plants in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, but less delicious.

Sock Tree

Glove Tree

Sweater Vest Dock

Greenlake also offers a host of wildlife to ogle.  Ducks, fish, turtles, and herons, particularly this guy:

Hello, old man.

Livy, what do you think of the heron?

That thing's huge!  Play dead, Mama, play dead!

Oh, look, he's still here!

Dammit, Mama, save yourself!  Playdeadplaydeadplaydead!

Last Tuesday the full moon was rising spectacularly.

It was worth risking a heron attack to see.

Hood > Hat

We're lucky to live someplace so beautiful, even if only one of us stays awake to appreciate it.

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danicalynn said...

Audrey also hates to wear hats. I blame this on a worldwide hat conspiracy, and not on Audrey getting stuck in my birth canal for an hour and finally emerging (via emergency c-section) with a rather "original" head shape.