Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch

Whenever we leave the house I've taken to calling our outing "Adventures With Mommy." This is inspired by a series of field trips planned by my colleague, Jenny, who was calling the class for which the trips were planned simply "Adventures with Jenny."  It's simple and to-the-point while still being open enough to include both walks around Greenlake and trips to the pediatrician.  I like it.

Today's episode of Adventures With Mommy included baby's first trip to the stylist to watch Mama get a haircut and meet Jami, my beloved friend and haircutterlady.  Then we wandered Ballard, buying a Christmas present for a lucky recipient, snagging this year's Ilee calendar, picking up cupcakes for tonight's moms' group, and grabbing lunch:

Baby's First Pho

She was not impressed.  I can't wait until she can eat and discover the wonders of flavors beyond formula.  6 more weeks, babygirl, and we'll have you with a face full of Pho in no time.

We are SO sophisticated.

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