Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dress Rehearsal: Hawaii Edition

My stepfather accuses me frequently of spending my days dressing up Livy in different outfits, laughing, taking pictures of her, and then starting all over again.  Usually when he does this I defend myself by saying that she's a semi-professional puker (Look out cheer squad/sorority/pageant circuit!) or by retelling the horror stories of diaper blowouts past.

Today, though, he's right.  We're heading to Maui in a couple of days, and I needed - NEEDED - to make sure that her swimwear fit and was in proper condition for her beach debut.  Also, I was bored.

So here we have swimsuit #1.  It's a delightful striped number with a corsage centered at the bustline and a discreet ruffle for hip modesty.  Grandma Snyder bought this for Livy when she was roughly 30 seconds old, because Grandma Snyder has a shopping addiction likes to be prepared.



Next, we have Livy's obligatory two-piece, which I bought for her in a mad bikini panic before Christmas.  It's cute without being overly girly, and, unlike most options, it's not 1) pink, or 2) slutty.  Oh, yes, I said slutty.  You'd be surprised how many baby clothing designers seem to find the illusion of infantile sexual availability appropriate and marketable.  It's gross, but this isn't:

I do love this one most of all, but, alas, it doesn't fit. Unbelievably, and unlike any other garment we own, it is too big for her. I forgot to account for Lycra's stretchiness when I chose the size. Dammit.

Then, we have the most geographically relevant choice, this palm-tree-bedecked suit that she received from her Oma and Opa for Christmas.  SLB and I swore that it would be too small on her, but, as usual, we were wrong.  It fits like a glove.

Doe-eyed beauty...

... or raving lunatic?  You make the call.

Finally, we have Olivia Lee's favorite swimsuit pick of all.  It's a risky choice, primarily for other swimmers, but she insists that it will work.

Look, Ma!  No pants!

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