Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Despite Everything...

It's a tough day here at Me Show Central.  Our car was broken into last night, and the ensuing hassle has sucked up a lot of time, energy, and mirth this morning.  The urge to let this ruin the day is almost insurmountable, but I'll fight it with a happy blog post.  Just a spoonful of sugar, whistle while you work, make lemonade, etc.  You get it.  You're smart people.

So here's my least-expected happiest moment of the Christmas holiday this year.  On the 23rd I had to leave the house so that SLB could wrap my presents, so I took Livy to the lake for a late afternoon walk.  It was a lovely day - perfectly crisp and perfectly bright.  It was the kind of winter day we're not supposed to have here in the land of legendary rain, and everyone at the lake was in a good mood because of the holiday and the sunshine.

Even the ducks, who had congregated for a little pre-holiday cocktail party, seemed pleased.

Is it racist to say that they all look alike to me?

The chubby munchkin is getting used to hats, and she was gleeful to get a little fresh air and a trip out of the house.

We had the opportunity to create our own clothing tree, too.  I found this hat lying on the ground and made a hat tree.  Voila!  It was magical.

Be well, little hat!  I hope you find your friends soon!

I'm usually irritated by what I call the "mandatory whimsy" of the northwest.  We're the kind of people who will paint our houses purple, overuse artisanal lawn ornaments, and glue any number of toys and found objects to our cars, presumably in an attempt to thwart the Seasonal Affective Disorder that holds us all in its oppressive grip.  Because I am Seasonal Affective Disorder personified, this generally just pisses me off.  But I liked this:

Purple houses?  Thumbs down.  Folksy, neighbor-decorated tree?  Thumbs WAY up!

All in all, it was a lovely walk.  The sunset was gorgeous...

... even if my standard Mom costume was not.

Hand-me-down sweatshirt + ill-fitting jeans + sneakers = HOTT.

No matter the day, the view, or the outfit, this story always ends the same way.

Snoozing baby.  Sighing mama.


rachel said...

you were broken into? oh no! i hope you manage to get everything resolved and sorted out quickly :)

on a positive: i love your pictures, looks like a magical walk!

Dad Solo said...

The nicest house on our street is purple.

Christina said...

rachel: yes, we were broken into. the bad guy caused about $1700 worth of damage to get our $50 stereo. classy.

dad solo: then that, by virtue of its purpleness, is the worst house on your street.

Dad Solo said...

You just blew my mind.

Christina said...