Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Say goodbye to 2009, The Year of the Livy!

And say hello to 2010, The Year of the Livy!  What can I say?  She's an only child...

Make sure you find someone to smooch at midnight.

But go easy on the champagne, or else things could get awkward.

Happy New Year!


Kristin said...

So cute and such lovely photos! However, you did promise me no headbands ... what's going on there!?!
XOXOXOXOX Happy New Year and we love you all -
Krissie & Jeremy

Christina said...

look closely! it's not a headband - it's a TIARA. as a woman who has in her possession at least 3 tiaras of her own, i deem this one a "pass."