Monday, September 19, 2011

Thank Goodness Tuition At Small, Liberal Arts Colleges Is Reasonable

Here are two examples of Livy's following in her mother's occupationally impoverished footsteps from today's conversations.  That sobbing you hear is SLB calculating the overall cost of my humanities-laden education plus inflation minus the grants I got for being poor and the 2+ jobs I held at any given time during school to get a rough estimate of Livy's upcoming education expenses.

1.  Olivia Lee (babbling loudly in the back seat of the car):  "DON'T BE RACIST, GOAT!"

Seriously, Goat.  You have to chill on the goat power talk in front of the kid.

Olivia Lee (playing with toy hippos in the bathtub):  Hippo is going for a walk.
Mama:  Where is hippo going?
Olivia Lee:  Hippo walking to the cafe.
Mama:  What is hippo going to do there?
Olivia Lee (gleeful, grinning):  Hippo likes to hang out!  Hang out at the cafe!

Oh, please.  It took them 9 seasons to cast a Black woman.  Like they'd ever let a hippo hang out there.  Goat and Friends: Rivaling one another for racist supremacy since 1994.

So, to encourage her to pursue her dreams, she is definitely wearing this for Halloween:

Bring on the Karo syrup, Elmer's glue, and patchouli.  We've got us another novitiate!


danicalynn said...

This is what you get for teaching your kid to read! It's a slippery slope from the alphabet to racist goats to Spivak-inspired birthday parties. Unfortunately, I think we know what those cupcakes would look like.

No reading in my household; we are only learning the maths.

Christina said...

spivak kissed me at a party when i was an undergrad. no joke. wasn't hot.

danicalynn said...

I once wrote a Spivak a personal check, but that's not near as awesome is getting, uh, Spivaked. Details, please.

Christina said...

the story is far less interesting than the teaser. i helped organize a big spivakathon when i was a research asst. at UW and got to go to a fancy cocktail reception after her big talk. i closed the mutha out, and she hugged & cheek-kissed me as we parted. so, no, it wasn't as good as the time tippi hedren yelled at me in front of a full theater or when i farted on scalia, but it was o.k.