Saturday, March 26, 2011

Head to Head: This Is Why We Fight

I have a love/hate relationship with The Decemberists.  Go on.  Ask them.  They'll totally agree.  Currently, with the release of their countrified and folky The King is Dead we are back on solid loving ground.  But, being in a love/love relationship with Regina Spektor, I can't help but hear a mashup between The Decemberist's "This Is Why We Fight" and Spektor's "One More Time With Feeling," which also prominently features "this is why we fight" in the lyrics.  It's like a mobius mashup; I listen to one, then immediately listen to the other, which makes me crave the first one all over again.

So, here.  You listen and decide who made better use of the line, because I can't.  They both make me so happy.  Smack my ass and call me Sophie, but I just can't choose.

The Decemberists:

Regina Spektor:

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