Sunday, March 27, 2011

Head to Head: 80's Cinematic Homoeroticism

Two movies, both alike in dignity, in fair California where we lay our scene.

O.K.  I'll stop that now.  But, seriously, which of these two ostensibly heterosexually macho movies is the most homoerotic you've ever seen?

1.  1982's Rocky 3, in which Apollo Creed, played by my real dad Carl Weathers, coaches Rocky Balboa, played by John Rambo, to new sweaty, short-shorted, wet, hugging heights. 

apollo and rocky in the water gif Pictures, Images and Photos
Yes, it was worth posting twice.

2.  1986's Top Gun, which, in addition to featuring a sweaty, shirtless beach volleyball scene, includes this little gem in which [Trouser] Viper, played by my real mom's pretend boyfriend Tom Skerritt, offers sage advice to a whitey-tightied Maverick in the men's room.  You know, how and where your mentors best coach you.

One a penny, two a penny...

So, which is it, Peeps?  If Pat Robertson were to settle in for a fine Saturday afternoon of cinema on TNT, which would he be more likely to preach against on Sunday morning?


Matty Bucks said...

I'm gonna say Rocky 3 would be the topic of rant. It's too hard to rant on gaiety when it's within a military setting. Top Gun makes the military look cool, so we all over-look the pro-homo understory. But if you point out the homoness of the characters, then you equate being militant with being gay. And let's face it, that ain't cool.

Dad Solo said...

Rocky and Apollo have the whole race-mixing thing going on, too -- a two-fer for PR.