Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bought Her That: Mini Marauder Hat

In an effort (and for a notorious grinch like me it truly is an effort) to make merry this holiday season, SLB and I took Livy to the Phinney Neighborhood Association's Winter Festival and Crafts Fair last weekend.  In addition to some quotidian vegetable wax candles and secret gifties we splurged on a fine fleece hat made by my friend Lynn for my friend Livy.

(Leif Erickson > Leif Garrett) < Livy

It's called the Mini Marauder hat, and it is awesome.  Lynn's company, Pingihats, sells at Pike Place Market and at her studio, Absolutely Fabulous, in Queen Anne.  You would be an idiot not to buy one of her designs, even if pillaging isn't on your personal agenda (the fox hat almost came home with us, too).  It is on Livy's, though, and she wears her hat with pride!

Hide yer daughters and yer cheddar bunnies!

In fact, I liked this picture so much that it made our Christmas card shortlist - in sepia, no less.

So old-timey, plus it detracted from the clashing patterns on  her shirt, jacket, and car seat.

We wound up choosing a more seasonally-appropriate photo that implies much less threat of Viking violence.  Maybe if you're lucky you'll be receiving one of these cards in the mail.  And if you don't, maybe you should consider being nicer to us and buying us more presents and fancy coffee drinks.  Just a little something to consider in the new year.  No pressure.

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Carolina said...

Dude, she loves it! So cute!