Monday, November 22, 2010

Abominable Snowbaby!

We here in Sea-town are in the icy grip of what in most cities would be a mild and uninteresting snowfall.  Here, though, in a city filled with hills and generally without any idea what to do with any snow whatsoever it is RUINOUS SNOPOCALYPSE 2010!  Stock up on batteries and canned meats!  Hide your daughters and your jewels!  The end is nigh! 

At least this is what it's like for normal working folks who must drive and function in the stuff.  Livy and I had a great day at home filled with hours of books, blocks, low-speed indoor chases, and 10 minutes of frenzied snow play.  Because Olivia's not walking yet (But she's working on 3-syllable words.  ACT SURPRISED.) and I have no proper cold weather gear for her I expected that she'd hate being out in the snow.  But no!  She is the Shackleton of the toddler set and charged about like a bouncing bumble until her pants soaked through and she started shivering. 

"I seemed to vow to myself that some day I would go to the region of ice and snow and go on and on till I came to one of the poles of the earth, the end of the axis upon which this great round ball turns." - Ernest Shackleton

"Superhuman effort isn't worth a damn unless it achieves results." - E.S.

"We had seen God in His splendors, heard the text that Nature renders. We had reached the naked soul of man. " - E.S.

"If I had not some strength of will I would make a first class drunkard." - E.S.

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puck said...

hooray snowventures!