Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom

Ever hungry for attention, the wily Livy spots her prey lounging on the bed.

Stealthily, she approaches the side of the bed, moving slowly to avoid startling her target.

Accidental eye contact established, she deftly sinks below the horizon of the linens to give the appearance of indifference and to put her victim at a false and deadly ease.

Finally, with the brutal alacrity of a lion and the insatiability of a plague of locusts, she pounces.  Her cuteness has rendered her quarry helpless against high-pitched cooing and giggling.  Where once was a moment of calm leisure is now a bright spotlight of attention bathing the victor in glory.

Livy, red in tooth and claw


Carolina said...

"deadly ease." This phrase will be on her grown-up business card.

Christina said...

now that i think about it "false and fatal ease" is better. but thanks!