Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Buy Him That: Havarti Shirt

Because we're bootstrappers, SLB and I both attended excellent state schools before launching ourselves toward majestic debt by going to fancy graduate schools.  Although he was accepted into a number of very fancypants law schools, he chose not to attend an Ivy League school.  I, on the other hand, did besmirch an Ivy Leage institution with my attendance, and whenever it looks like he's about to win an argument, be smarter than I am, or even just take a breath, I like to remind him of this.  And that's why someone (hmmmmm Santa?) needs to get him this shirt for Christmas.

Yes, it's a little cheesy (BOOM!), but it's awesome.  Get one here.

No, it won't stop the torrent of arbitrary academic abuse, but it might make me giggle enough to throw me off my game a bit.  That brief reprieve alone makes this shirt truly a gift that promises to keep giving.

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