Friday, May 21, 2010

Creepy Crawler!

What a treat for you today, loyal readers!  You get to see one of Olivia's first forays into locomotion and hear one of our favorite songs about an octopus (written by the Morah during a moment of divine inspiration).  Hooray for you!  But even more hooray for Olivia Lee, my little creepy crawler!

Oh yeah, she creeps.  She keeps it on the down low.  Go, Miss Livy, go go go-o-o...


moraht said...

Hooray, Livy!! It may look like crawling, but it's actually your first step toward sneaking out. We'll talk about it late.

(I had no idea that song made it into the rotation. It's quite complex-- I'm glad you caught it all.)

snoopy said...

Yay Livy! (and you get extra props for having a snoopy!)