Saturday, April 03, 2010

Every Saturday Should Be Like This

I woke up late, having finally been able to push through insomnia toward a nearly full night's sleep.  Then I had breakfast and caught up with SLB, read a stack of neglected magazines, played with Olivia until she was rubbing her eyes in surrender, and steamed myself wrinkly in a leisurely shower during her nap.

Then we headed off to a delicious lunch, beer, and belly laughs with friends before coming home to put Livy down for a nap. 

Partners in crime, if being adorable were illegal.

Then, as the rain started pouring outside, I took a bath with Molly Wizenberg, a chunk of fine chocolate, and a cup of green tea.  Livy joined me in all her naked glory toward the end of my bath.  That tub was full to bursting with rosy, jovial chub.  The brief space not occupied by our voluminous bellies was crammed with our luscious thighs.  It was wonderful, snuggly, and very, very splashy.

I don't know what the rest of the evening holds, but it doesn't really  matter.  After a day this relaxing and joyful nothing could really bring it down.  It's 5:45, and I'm lounging in my jammies while we listen to music and SLB dances our giggling daughter around the living room.

Have a restful weekend, friends.  I hope you are pleasantly beseiged by the bounteous yield of a generous egg-laying bunny.  Personally, we're not celebrating Easter in a big way tomorrow.  Because, really, how could any basket hold anything better than a golden day with friends and family?

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