Sunday, April 11, 2010

Because When You're Wrong You Should Admit It

When my mom bought Livy her Gloworm, who we've creatively named "Glow," I was skeptical of how much Livy would like her.  See, back in the day I thought naively that Liv would prefer the artisinal, hand-crafted, wooden, organic, local, indie, educational toys that SLB and I find impressive when other kids play with them.  Silly, silly Me Show!  Now I know that Olivia will prefer whatever she damn well likes and that I can buy her all the self-righteous toys I want to, but it won't make a difference at all in what she plays with most.

So, not only did Livy find God when Mom gave her Glow, but now she also turns to Glow for comfort when she's sleepy before bedtime.

I'm getting so sleepy, Glow!  Hold me!

What's that, Glow?  You want to sing me a lullaby?  So kind!

Don't worry, friend.  We'll be asleep soon.  Bedtime is only a bath and a bottle away.

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