Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby's First First Christmas

As some of you know, SLB and I come from tragically broken homes (cue the violins and/or after school special theme music).  This means that we each have two families to visit on Christmas and have been living the dream of the mediocre movie Four Christmases for years.  To alleviate some of the pressure of multiple Christmases on two days (the 24th and 25th, duh), my mom and stepdad agreed to host an early fake Christmas yesterday.  As I think my stepdad is the only religious person among any of our parents and therefore actually holds the holiday as holy, this officially makes him a saint.  Maybe one day I'll include him among my pantheon of hot nuns.  I'm sure he'd like that.

I would include a photo of him here, except that he was too busy handing out our presents and making us our dinner.  Like I said, the guy's a saint.

So, instead of middle-aged-man pics, I'll post pictures of a cute baby.  I'm sure this is a win for everyone involved.

Livy was thoroughly spoiled and received numerous wonderful gifts.  Her favorite, though, was the crinkly mylar wrapping paper that the gifts came in.  Yeah.  She likes garbage.

Trashbaby says "So shiny!  So crinkly!"

In addition to refuse, Olivia also received a gigantic set of plastic links, some of her very favorite toys.  So, in accordance with sacred yuletide tradition, we turned her into Flavor Flav.


A bow on the baby's head?  Check.  A closeup of Mama's postpartum, postcheeseplate, posthollandaise belly?  Check.

You wanna say something?  Give me an excuse.  Say it.  SAY IT!

After a quick costume change (Spitup AND pee.  What a thorough girl!), Olivia developed a deep and abiding love for her new friend, Glowworm.  She was so enthralled with Glowworm that she couldn't even smile.  She only stared and made amazed fish faces at her new sweetheart.

My friend, how I love you!

It was as if Olivia had found God in that luminous round face, which, given the season, is only appropriate.  Maybe my stepdad got his Christmas wish after all, just a few days early and symbolized by the most bizarre of graven images imaginable.

Glowworm bless us, everyone!

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