Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Olivia says, "Keep warm, friends, and don't let your mama dress you up in a snowsuit and take you for a walk around the lake when your infant thermostat is still too immature to adequately regulate temperature or else you'll suffer a feverish, sweating torso and ice-cold extremities.  Be safe, good friends!  Be warm!"

She also says, "This is what winter days are for" and wonders why Tamra is so dead set on ruining Gretchen's reputation when Gretchen is obviously more than capable of ruining it for herself. 

Word up, Oliva Lee. Word up.


howpedestrian said...

Ok, babies in snowsuits... yes. Yes please. I was in Leavenworth on Saturday and there were plenty of them. My favorites were of the "I can't put my arms down!" varieties.

Brianna said...

RHOC...Pefect! This is the kind of cold weather activity I approve of!