Friday, September 30, 2011

I Need A Date! And A Therapist!

Two things:

1.  Will someone go to "Can't Look Away: The Lure of Horror exhibit at the EMP with me when it opens?

Please don't let it get me, please don't let it get me, please OH, GOD, WHAT'S THAT SOUND?  Please don't let it get me...

2.  And then will someone please sit up with me and hold my hand while I don't sleep for the following 3 days?


justin said...

1. C and I would love to go to that.

2. No.

Christina said...

you live in the confederacy and can't possibly commute. therefore, i declare that you are date-teases, and i am lowering both of your rankings in my list of favorite people. double digits now, yo.

justin said...

a) If it runs until the feast of the Turkey King, we might could go. Not sure about our plans yet, but it's a possibility.

b) That is total bullshit and you know it. Top 5.

Christina said...

you might be here for the Ascension of the Turkey King? holy smokes! i thought you were going to be missing me in iowa?