Sunday, September 04, 2011

Convergence of Greatness

I love Jason Reid (who does not love me back, but that's probably because of what I did to the roof of his car).

I love Blue Scholars (who do not love me back, but that's just because they haven't met me yet).

I used to love the Sonics (who do not love me back, but that's because they're in Oklahoma).  It's a little-known fact about me that I once was unwholesomely obsessed with the 1996-1997 Seattle SuperSonics, to the extent that I 1) saw my grades drop that year during basketball season and, 2) insanely attended the midnight homecoming of the team after they won the Pacific Division title with a long-time boyfriend I had broken up with over the phone only hours earlier.  That's right.  That level of discomfort was worth it to get a ride to Boeing Field to see my Sonics come home.  I had to quit watching basketball cold-turkey at the end of that season so that I could have my life back.  I've never returned to basketball fanaticism, and I'm grateful for that.

So, here's what's making me happy this sunny autumn morning:  A convergence of Jason Reid, the Blue Scholars, and the Sonics.  Enjoy!

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