Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Venn Diagram In Which All Three Parts Feature My Image

1.  You know what's stupid?  Grating your thumb into a bloody nub while attempting to break down some Parmesan and constantly stir a pot of risotto at the same time.

2.  You know what's badass?  Not risking ruining the risotto by leaving the stove to go upstairs to get a Band-Aid and instead improvising a bandage using only a paper towel and a rubber band.

Thumb's up, MacGyver-style.

3.  What's stupid AND badass?  Dying of lockjaw because you're too chicken to have ever gotten a Tetanus shot and grated your thumb and made your own filthy kitchen bandage in order to ensure a perfect plate of risotto.

It was really delicious.

And that image in the Venn Diagram I mentioned earlier.  It's this one, obviously.

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Kristin said...

And do you know who i had a long conversation with regarding philosophy and venn diagrams in an effort to salavage one grade in college? MR. SLB!!! Please thank him for me. :) XOXO