Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Because Only Old-timey Villains Wax Their Moustachios

Today while pillaging the library Livy turned a corner and found this book on display for Women's History [Ghettoization] Month.

Even as an infant she had a unibrow?  Um.  O.K.

To celebrate her excellent taste in literature and art we checked out the book, the first I've ever borrowed on her behalf.  And to let you all share in our festivities I give you this, one of the best Halloween/Day of the Dead costumes I've ever created.

It's a natural look for me.

That's my friend Trixie Lane of Seattle Retro Photography, who would have taken my maternity pictures had I had any maternity pictures taken.  She's awesome, and no, kittens, she's not in costume.  She's just that fabulous every dang day.  You're right to be dazzled by her brilliance.

So viva Trixie!  Viva Livy!  Viva Frida!  What a colorless and bland world we'd live in without having been brightened by three such awesome women.

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Trixie Lane said...

Love it! You were such a lovely Frida. I hope to see you again sometime, in the meantime, I can get a dose of your humor via The Me Show!