Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve Makes Me Feel Fine

Livy is at Oma and Opa's having the time of her life (Did you know that she sings Opa's name when we practice singing together?  That little girl has a serious case of Opa-love.), I've taken a 2 hour nap and wrapped the final pile of presents, SLB is on his way home from work to take me out to a new gastropub in the neighborhood, and Amelie is going to be on TV in about 5 minutes.  Life is good, people.

So, until the holidays are over and we have some time to breathe, let this suffice as a Merry Christmas to you, dear readers.  You are the reason for the season!  Well, you and these people:

All tuckered out from an exciting holiday show (Yes, those ARE puffed sleeves.  You only get one chance to be a little girl in a Christmas dress.  Go big or go home.)

Singing to SLB's fine accompaniment

My peeps.

And to all a good night!


Sarah said...

Merry Christmas! Let's get together soon...You have to..cuz I said so.


Dad Solo said...

What was the gastropub, and how was it? And can we now drop your name there and get a good table, free tasting samples, off-the-menu chef's specials, etc.?

Christina said...

spotty - YES!

senor solo: it was 5 Corner Market, the place where Lombardi's used to be. my advice: skip the grilled romaine deconstructed cesar salad and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET THE BURGER. it's the best burger i've had in seattle, hands down. we got the sticky toffy pudding, too, and it was drier and more cake-like than i prefer, but the flavor is fantastic. also, there's some kind of cocktail with applejack in it that tastes like a fall day. i'd recommend that, too.

slb liked his ribeye, but the burger totally won. don't screw around with lesser dishes - go burger or go home.

Dad Solo said...

Brunch there today -- that is one great burger! The best in Seattle? Why, uh ... no. But Top 5 for sure. (Have you ever eaten at the Skillet trailer? Their burger is so good that I don't even care they don't put cheese on it. And I put cheese on everything.)

We got the toffy pudding too, and it was pretty good but too rich and wrecked the rest of my afternoon. I slept through two quarters of a football game!

Honestly, my favorite thing there was the whipped butter that came with complementary scones. Jay Z. Us that was good stuff.