Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Mystery of Crap Circles SOLVED!

During my youth I was a huge fan of The X-Files, and so I was giddily thrilled when our humble home became subject to supernatural phenomena.  Witness the crap circle:


Every day unexplained circles of toys, books, and baby paraphernalia mysteriously appear throughout the house.  Above one has carved itself out in our entryway.  Its tight perimeter contrasts wildly with the more freeform crap circle, berhaps better called a crap nebula, that sprouted in the living room.

The grids and parallel placement of the maracas imply an intelligent designer.

Just when I thought I had an excuse to call Fox Mulder and request a thorough probe, I found that the source of the mystery in action!  As you can see, it was plainly terrestrial. 

Drat those meddling kids!


Justin said...

1. Her hair's getting long. she's starting to look like a damn hippie.

2. Is it normal for her to know the word 'book' at her age? I think she might be abnormal.

Christina said...

1. She actually knows the word "hippie." I meant to tell you this last week when she learned. She spent a morning shirtless, and so I called her a hippie. Then she started repeating it and giggling.

2. She's totally abnormal. She has no interest in walking, unlike her friends who mostly all walk now, but she learns 1-2 new words every day. She's her parents' daughter.

Brianna said...

I love her walk! It is so cute! She is chasing you down so you will read, and it is adorable! Love it!

Sarah said...

What kind of English teacher are you? Your daughter is showing you a book to read her and you back away from her slowly into the corner! ;)

Christina said...

i've devolved from english teacher into stage mother and will do anything to make her act cute, include refusing to read to her.

there's more money in stage momming anyway.