Saturday, November 13, 2010

he Is Always Lowercase

Ooh La La!  The French - they have a word for everything.

My first real adolescent crush was on Steve Martin, and he has remained in my "Allowable Celebrity Lay" Top 5 ever since I saw him in L.A. Story on HBO when I was about 13.  Not only was he handsome (I am a true sucker for a silver fox [I'm talking to you, Eric Ripert.]) and funny, but I could tell from the writing in that movie that, colonic irrigation jokes aside, he was smart.  It was the first time that it had occurred to me that smart could also mean attractive, a notion that both gave me hope for my own gawky, flat-chested, braniac self and for the prospect of finding my own more age-appropriate Steve Martin one day.

I may be smooching you, SLB, but I'm thinking about The Jerk.

And I suppose that in many ways, I did just that.  But until SLB's flawless mahogany locks salt themselves pepperless, part of my heart will always be Steve's, especially because of this song.  I used to tease my former mouthy student and current mouthy babysitter, who is also a devout Christian, about the dearth of decent Christian music.  She never thought to tease me about the complete lack of any atheist music, and now she can't.  Suck it, babysitter Jenny!  See you next time SLB and I go out!  Thanks, boyfriend Steve!  See you in my dirty, godless dreams!


Amelia and Soren said...

AMEN! Can I get a bumper sticker w/"he Is Always Lowercase"? That is awesome.

Balloons For Jen said...

How could i argue with our mocking of christian music when I too find the majority repulsive and with in the category of the triple C
Cutesy Christian Crap

No sucking must be done oh snarky bitter old woman

danicalynn said...

I just watched "It's Complicated" over the weekend, and while I mainly enjoyed it for the Alec Baldwin man candy (that man makes me want to have daddy issues) I began to see myself in a possible fantasy relationship with Steve Martin, as well.

Also, my favorite silver fox of all time is Bill Clinton. I saw him in New Haven a few years ago and I totally lost my shit. I just screamed Bill over and over like it was the goddamn Beatles or something.