Saturday, October 02, 2010

Left Coast Melancholy

My lady love...

Today is exactly the kind of day that makes me miss living in New York the most.  It's clearly autumn; the air is just a little crisp and the most peripheral leaves are starting to turn orange and red on the trees, but the sky is a cartoon blue and the sun is shining.  This kind of autumn day is rare here, where things turn gray long before they turn cold, but it's typical of New York.  Those were always my favorite days.  If I were back now I'd do my favorite weekend trek and take the subway from our apartment in Brooklyn Heights up to 116th St., stop in at Labyrinth and Bank Street to fill up my backpack with treasures, and then wander my way downtown and across the bridge back home.  It's an all-day adventure, which is part of its charm.  It's like taking a little trip without being more than a long walk home, but the effect upon arriving home is that of having been gone, rather than just out. 

So Seattle is home now, and that's good.  But some days it just can't hope to be good enough.

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Brianna said...

I miss the East Coast sometimes too.