Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Friends, Lawyers, Countrymen

Lend me your souls!

Yes, the humor relies on some pretty low-hanging fruit, but it's funny because it's true.  This is also true:  I was all set to take the LSAT (read it out loud, it's funnier that way) when I visited one of SLB's law school classes.  I happily blew off the test after seeing what it really meant to go to law school and never looked back.  No, instead I looked forward to A) being an academic, and then B) being a teacher, both of which commonly twist fresh, young idealism into virulent, filthy cynicism.  Oh, and I make less than a quarter of what SLB does when I'm able to find decent work.  So... I win?

Maybe this stay at home mom gig isn't so bad after all.


Dad Solo said...

I, too, went with a friend to one of his law classes (I didn't marry him later on, though) and it disabused me of any notion I had of going to law school. I even talked him into leaving halfway through to go drink alcohol.

He has a pool now.

Christina said...

leaving halfway through the class or halfway through law school? there's a much bigger gold star in it for you if it's the latter.