Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer of Awesome: Livy's Celebrity Friends!

This summer Livy and I were lucky to enjoy a week of rubbing elbows with famous blogger babies, and boy are we starstruck!

First, we enjoyed a playdate with the star of Dad Solo's fine blog, NJ!

NJ is the cute one with all the hair.  Livy is the other cute one with all the other hair.

It was during this visit that Olivia learned what heaven is: a carpeted, finished basement filled with a friend, that friend's toys, and that friend's dogs.  Luckily NJ is not afraid of delighted shrieking, having perfected the sound during her long career of piercing ears with her auditory happiness, so Livy was welcome to scream joyfully all she liked.  It was also during that visit that Olivia learned what raw fear was as she took one look at Dad Solo, who is much taller and more generously bearded than SLB, clutched my neck, and bawled her eyes out.  She quickly realied that Dad Solo makes a great jungle gym and made friends with his silly self.

Hard at work manning their workstation.

Rudely interrupted.

Performing like trained monkeys.

Later that same week Olivia and I welcomed my old friend Danica and her superstar daughter Audrey, both of Mermaids in the Basement fame, to our humble abode.  Danica and I made friends in high school where we met in a particularly badly taught chemistry class.  We made so much trouble in that class that we were eventually seated as far away from one another as possible, which changed absolutely nothing about our monkeyshines.  One of my favorite high school memories is of us making jokes so crude about a chemistry experiment (the resulting mixture smelled... um... fertile) that we were both kicked out of class.  Instead of reporting to the principal's office (Why would we?), we took refuge in the teachers' lounge with a favorite English teacher who bought us Diet Cokes and visibly enjoyed how pleased we were with ourselves.  We knew we were special - smart witty feminist girls destined for great things and cute hair - with Danica obviously being the more special, smart, witty, and cute because she's a year older.  Because of my decades-long girlcrush on her mother, it was a pleasing equilibrium to see how much Audrey enjoyed the older and wiser Livy.

Here's Audrey, who eagerly appropriated Livy's sippy cup.  Yes, she really is that cute.

Here's Livy.  Of course we color coordinated our daughters.

And here's Audrey sucking on Livy's toes.

See?  That's love.

Livy and I are so lucky and blessed to have such wonderful friends who still agree to take our calls even though they're all bloggy-famous.  We love them now, and we're pleased to say that we knew them when!


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Oh, those days of diet coke drinking and dominant paradigm subverting. This made me tear up a bit.