Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spin, Livy, Spin!

Shameful confession: for as long as I can remember, I have had a huge crush on Stevie Nicks.  I can specifically remember spinning along with Stevie in the "Gypsy" video as she spins with herself in the mirror, which I think officially makes me a metaStevie of sorts.  If you haven't seen the video, I highly urge you to watch it now.  While I use them with a frequency to that which I use "the," I generally hesitate to drop F-bombs on this blog.  But I'm dropping one now, friends, because this video is fucking awesome.

The earnest gazes!  The cinematic pretensions!  The obvious use of dancing body doubles!  The cameos by other Fleedwood Mac members (the best of which is easily the closeup of Mick on the back of a truck, followed closely by the closeup of Mick in a rain-soaked fedora).  In the name of the Sweet Baby Jesus, the lyrics!  What do they mean?  What's happening here, besides spinning wildly and gazing poignantly?  Oh, right.  BEING AWESOME, that's what's happening here.

So, yeah, I love me some Stevie Nicks.  In fact, when my mom and I attended the Tacoma Dome extravaganza that was The Dance reunion tour, I screamed "SPIN STEVIE, SPIN STEVIE, SPIN STEVIE!" so loudly when she got up a particularly good twister that I was hoarse the next day.  And this is to say nothing of the best Halloween costume ever - me as Rumours-era Stevie continuing an ill-advised relationship with an unfortunate young man I convinced to dress up as Lindsey Buckingham for the exact purpose of me needing a Lindsey Buckingham.  Yes, friends, you could say that I have a disease and that the only cure is a combination of gauzy bell sleeves, platform granny boots, and velvet top hats.

And so you'll understand why this was so thrilling today.

She's blonde; she has huge, curly hair; and she likes to spin.  She is the second coming of the Nicks!  Bow to her, and then rise gracefully, gaze intensely, and spin for all that you're worth!*

Future Livy

*As a reader of this blog, I'm just going to assume that this isn't much.

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