Tuesday, July 13, 2010


At 4:14 today Olivia turned 1 year old!  What a big girl, and what a lightning fast year!  I can't believe it, because it's not a believable thing.  Wise and knowing parents tried telling us how quickly the time goes when you have your first little one, and we nodded politely while wishing they'd just stop being all sadly wistful and change the subject.  But they were SO RIGHT.  And now I'm doing it to you, readers.  The time goes so, so quickly.

365 days ago, Olivia was this girl:

And now she crawls all over the place, talks to us in words and signs, eats her own meals with her own hands, splashes in any water she can find, loves kitties and puppies, dances to every beat, and makes us fall in love with her anew with every toothy grin.  How could anyone believe that?  How is it possible that it's true?

While I ponder the unponderable, enjoy these highlights from Livy's first first birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa Snyder's last weekend.  A fine time was had by all, except the cat, who hid under the bed.

Livy enjoys ripping Aunt Amy's glasses off of her face and wearing them herself.

Aunt Katie and cousin Emily grab a snuggle.

Most of the assembled clan picnicking under the trees.

Olivia's first birthday cake - carrot and raisin sweetened with apple juice concentrate - baked with love by Aunt Katie.

Ever ladylike, she gently explored the top of the cake...

... until it talked back, at which point she mauled it.


A quick dip in the pool to clean off the big schmutz.

Then presents were presented, opened, and ignored in favor of their wrappings.

Then another dip with Emily, who loves Livy enough to withstand even the largest likelihood of sitting in baby pee.

Happy birthday, Livy!

We love you!


Alana said...

Happy birthday, Olivia! I agree with you - it has been entirely too fast. Give Liv a smooch for me!

Oma said...

Happy First Birthday Sweet Olivia! We fell in love with you the moment we met you and love you more each day! Hope your day was wunderbar!
Much love and hugs!
Oma and Opa