Saturday, July 10, 2010

Best Day Ever

Today is Olivia Lee's first birthday party ever!  Her real birthday is a few days from now, so I can't get too weepy and poignant and nostalgic yet.  But a little bit of weepy, poignant nostalgia never hurt anyone.  Consider it an appetizer.

Livy was about 4 weeks old in this picture.  A weaker version of myself would be embarrassed by my postpartum puffiness and sleep-bedraggled hair, but this is one of my favorite pictures of Livy's early days.  I remember this nap because it was one of the first where we were both able to catch a few winks and, therefore, one of the first times that I thought that I could handle new parenthood with some finesse and ease.  Maybe it was the oxytocin-inducing snuggles, maybe it was the sleep, but this nap solidified Livy and me as a collaborative team in this new adventure together.  It seems to have worked well so far.

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