Monday, May 17, 2010

Mighty on Mighty Action!

Hi folks!

I've been a fan of Mightygirl for a couple of years, and not just because one of my thousands of nicknames is cmightym (although that IS pretty cool).  Well today I was delighted to be featured among a list of different folks sharing their Mighty Lists, or what I call Life Lists.  Go on and look - scroll past the brass instruments to find my contribution to today's anthology.

Below is the rest of my list as it currently stands for those who are interested.  It's been fun just keeping such a list, and it's also been useful.  Just committing goals and wishes to paper has helped me prioritize making them real.  For example, this:

You feel lucky, punk?

That's me with Lu, my ukulele that SLB got me for my birthday.  If I hadn't reflected on playing the uke as a goal, written it down, and informed SLB that he was getting me one for my birthday I wouldn't be playing miserable versions of "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" all day and all night, now would I?  And SLB wouldn't be kicking him self SO HARD, Nuremberg-style, for having followed my heinous orders, would he?  NOPE and NOPE.  So, you see, a Life List is a handy thing to have around.

Mine is currently filled with the more grandiose of my goals and dreams.  I've been lazy about adding things that are easy to accomplish, like taking Livy swimming and growing my own herbs.  I think I'll take some time this week to add my more pedestrian entries this week, because it's good to see them on paper and it's good to cross them off once I've done them.

So, what are your goals, friends?  Do any coincide with mine?  Do any of you want to buddy up and make beautiful lives for ourselves?

1. Go to Chicago as a tourist instead of as an embittered grad student

2. Complete a marathon

3. Go to Tuscany and eat my way through it

4. Mediterranean cruise of olive-eating and wine-drinking countries

5. Learn how to swim

6. Road trip across the U.S. with SLB to ballparks and obscure literary sites

7. Do a one-armed Rocky pushup like Caroline

8. Give homemade food/liquor as gifts

9. Write letters to loved ones

10. Learn how to play the ukulele

11. Send valentines out of season

12. Make cheese  (Cheese kit purchased!)

13. Go to Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico

14. Go ziplining in the Redwoods or somewhere in the US where companies are scared of litigation and very, VERY careful.

15. Go to Dollywood and celebrate unironically

16. Go to Graceland and celebrate unironically

17. Go out for a lovely meal with excellent food and spectacular service BY MYSELF.

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Jessica said...

I popped over from Mighty Girl; great List! We have similar goals in regards to swimming (I'm a terrible swimmer). Good luck!