Thursday, April 08, 2010


"Hey, I think Livy has a little rash!  Even though it's Easter, let's forgo the fancy dress and let her air out."

A strategically placed salad spinner preserves modesty.

Nakey is her favorite state of being.

Wednesday Morning:

Cue Mama's heart attack.

"The doctor says we can give her some Benadryl for her hives and see what happens.  He says it will make her sleepy."

Thursday Morning:

Dreaming of perfect skin.

"This wake-up is going to be a HARD one."

She's still hived up, but not as badly.  If she still has them next week we'll see about taking her to an allergist or a dermatologist.  She doesn't itch or feel badly, but she sure looks scary.  You know, in a cute way.

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