Friday, March 12, 2010


We are drinking 3-Buck-Chuck and watching Ken Burns's Baseball while Olivia sleeps peacefully wedged into a crack in her crib.  One of us may have overinduldged.  I won't say who.

O.K., it's me.

I'm wondering if it's stupid and white and pretentious to name any future Me Show child Satchel.  I'm also marveling at what a darling little Keebler elf Bob Costas is.  I could just eat him up, but then who would put the marshmallows in my Lucky Charms?  Who?  WHO? 

Oh.  Right.  Good Point.

And I know I'm destined to take a ration from angry grandmothers and Californians for my lack of posting this week.  So, penitently, I offer this up to the altar of loving family and friends.  It's an oldie (from September!  Gasp!), but really a goodie.

Do you remember these guys?

Then you'll recognize the muse for this:

Poor, exploited baby.  One day, when she's older and if we're rich, she'll go all Menendez on our asses, and we'll richly deserve our untimely end.  Until then, game on! 

Yip yip yip yip yip yip Family!


Dad Solo said...

Woody Allen named his son Satchel. When he and Mia had their falling out, she dropped that and he goes by his middle name, Ronan. I'd have stuck with Satchel.

But I've already turned you on to URBAN SHOCKER, I think your future son's name is just sitting there waiting for you. Other great early baseball names you should consider are Heinie, Honus, Tyrus, Tris and Irish Bob.

Christina said...

oh, honus wagner is my new hero! HONUS! HONUS! i might scream it at chone figgins just to confuse people.

and when we met URBAN SHOCKER in the documentary we had a conversation something like this.

c: URBAN SHOCKER! that's bob's favorite baseball name.
s: who?
c: bob. bob trott. bob from lamaze.
s: what?
c: URBAN SHOCKER! is his favorite baseball name.
s: huh?
c: it's true.
s: whatever.

so, as you can see, you've touched our lives...

Dad Solo said...

I can't believe Woody Allen had a spawn who looks like this.

Christina said...

HOLY SMOKES! he's a lot younger than i am, but that's not going to stop me from bagging him. thanks, dad solo, for wrecking our home!

Dad Solo said...

Oh, you're welcome. Go for it.

THEN: I'll bet that husband of yours will remember my name.