Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Update, Buffet-style: Leaps and Bounds

1.  We made an anticlimactic visit to the Woodland Park Zoo with our new family aquarium/zoo pass.  I am an idiot and didn't check the winter hours, so we had a whopping 45 minutes there.  Of those 45 minutes we mostly saw exhibits under construction because I chose to go through the West entrance, the nearest to all of the construction.  Eh.  It was a lovely day and a nice walk anyway.  I'm just not counting it as her first official zoo trip.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle

Neither monkey would acknowledge the other.  The question of which is the lesser primate remains open.

2.  SLB dressed Livy in my new favorite outfit Saturday morning.

Look at that poor, congested face.  You can SEE the cold, it's been so strong.

Octopus friend T-shirt and red-and-white train engineer pants.  Both are size 12 months, and careful readers will remember that I bought her the T-shirt last Wednesday.  Apparently Olivia hit a huge growth spurt last week, because this is the last week she'll be wearing either of those garments.  That baby is HUGE.  So, to all of those kind people who bought us sweet little sundresses and rompers in a size 12 months thinking that it'd be August when she wore them, I'm sorry.  They'll go to good homes.  And to any and all grandparents looking to buy this baby clothing (*cough*Mrs.Snyder*cough*) from any exotic locations (*cough*LasVegas*cough*), don't get anything smaller than 18 - 24 months.

The power of this awesome ensemble directly contributed to the next miracle.

3.  Livy sits up on her own!

Yeah, Michael J. Fox showed her how.  We tight.

Olivia's been strong enough and has had enough balance to sit up on her own for a while now, but she never would because it was just too much fun to throw herself backwards and either be caught by Mom or Dad if she was on the floor, or bounce off the bed if she was on our bed.  Well, apparently Dad didn't catch her on Saturday morning, and she learned immediately from cause and effect.  Smart baby!  Good sitting!

Do you see the adolescent irritation in her eyes?  Come puberty, WE ARE SCREWED.

That toy, which we call her salad spinner, was great motivation to sit up, too.  She was not happy that I kept trying to pull her attention away from it long enough to take a picture, so I had to stop.  I know my place in her heart, and it is firmly below Daddy, octopus puppet, and salad spinner.  Fair enough.

4.  We began baby swimming lessons today, and Olivia LOVED it.  She giggled and splashed the whole time, even when I dunked her.  She's a good kicker and paddler already, and, as a poor swimmer myself, I'm so proud of my baby girl!  I'm going to have to sign up for adult lessons so that I can keep up with her level of expertise.  She deserves to have a proficient swimming partner.  Pictures next week, I promise!  We'll have a spectator take a few shots while we're splashing around.

Until then, let this tide you over:


Brianna said...

Elijah's motivation to sit up was a toy similar to that where you hit the top and the things inside just spun and made noise...must be a common motivational tool for babies :)

She is too cute! Congrats on the milestone!

danicalynn said...

I don't care if its cliche: oh my god, they grow up so fast! So amazing, but sorta clenches a bit at the heart strings. Congrats on sitting, swimming, and monkeying, Olivia Lee!

danicalynn said...

Also, are you wearing an Ergo?

Matty Bucks said...

YAY Livy! You keep sitting up and you'll work all that extra weight off and build a nice 6 pack and be able to wear plenty of 12 month outfits in August! Eyes on the prize!

Christina said...

brianna - thanks!

danica - yes, it's an ergo. i loved it when livy was a newborn, hated it when she was 3-5 months because she couldn't fit into it right, and now i love it again.

matty - sitting up doesn't give you a six pack. i've been doing it for years and all i've got to show for it is a keg.