Thursday, February 04, 2010

Keep on the Sunny Side

Hello, friends!  Olivia Lee here with another message of wisdom and optimism for our hectic, troubled times.

We live in a culture with a lot of cliches and proverbs about surviving bad times.  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  We like acknowledging our hassles and minor agonies and then immediately dismissing them as insignificant.  It gives us the satisfaction of having complained without the bad reputation of being complainers.  It's everywhere.  We love turning that frown upside down.  Shoot, this idea has even infected our popular music.  After all, mama said there'd be days like this because sometimes you kick, and sometimes you get kicked.

Me?  I've never been kicked, but I do poop my pants a lot.  And sometimes, just sometimes, I barf my eye.

A clockwork ecru

Now that is a disappointing way to wake up from a nap, yes?  This could be a real day-ruiner, yes?  NO!  No, friends.  I easily could have let this embarrassing and unsavory moment infect the rest of my day with its humiliating disgustingness, but I'm stronger than that.  After all, I come from a land of plucky aphorisms.  This is just the kind of adversity we like to face head-on and then immediately blow off once it's passed, especially when the experience can be summed up into a pithy phrase.

Everything's gonna be all right... No baby no cry

So, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps, brushed myself off, and got back on my proverbial horse! The day was redeemed, and Mama even helped ease my troubled tummy by dressing me up as Pepto Bismol since she couldn't actually give me any.

Blush and bashful - pink is my signature color

So, follow my example, friends, the next time you encounter obstacles!  Be resilient!  Be brave!  Rub some dirt on it and rally!  Olivia Lee believes in you!


snoopy said...

I just want to eat her, eye-barf and all. cute to the extreme!

Christina said...

don't eat her! she is very high in fat and will totally throw off your running progress.