Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just Born Firstborn

Remember when Olivia was a little baby?

So tired.  So happy.  Even after 20 hours of labor and a major surgery I couldn't sleep because I was too excited.

Kuato escapes her swaddle

Welcome to the gun show.

All that dark hair!  Where did all that dark hair go?  And where did all this blonde hair come from?

It's the most bizarre feeling to be nostalgic for events that happened only 7 1/2 months ago, and it feels so disloyal to the magical baby I enjoy now to miss that skinny little baby back then.  But, I do.  We've taken thousands - THOUSANDS - of pictures of Livy in the last half-year, and they seem woefully too little to assuage my heartsickness for my sweet, new, tiny, fresh baby daughter.  I thought the term "babymoon" was a pile of touchy-feely, new age, Seattleite garbage until now.  I really was happy during Livy's first weeks.  I just couldn't see it through all the fatigue and anxiety of new parenthood.  I wish I could take a trip back to July 13th like a ghost of babies past just to take a deep whiff of that sweet girl's head, smoosh my face into her cheek, and then leave her to her bewildered mama and daddy.

My girl, I love you infintely more each day.


And, my girl, I love you as infintely as I miss you.


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Brianna said...

I know exactly what you mean. My middle baby turns 9 on Saturday. I would love to go back and squish each of them as sweet babies. I guess I better squish them as much as possible now, while they still let me!
She was and is still so beautiful!