Sunday, February 28, 2010

Everyone Loves Chone! Nobody Loves Chone!

From Mariners 2010 Annual:

"Players like David Ecksktein [sic] and Dustin Pedroia are often complimented on getting the most out of what they've been given, physically, but perhaps no one in baseball does more with less than Figgins.  An untimidating 5'8", he has taught himself a level of plate discipline that allowed him to lead the American League in walks a year ago, despite the fact that he has no power whatsoever."

Welcome to Seattle, Chone, where you are greeted with constant reminders of all that you lack!  We're happy to have you!

First day of school.  They grow up so fast!

We think you're great, even though your parents got an F in spelling and you're short and have no power whatsoever!  WELCOME HOME, CHONE!

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