Friday, January 29, 2010

Nakey Brekkie

From her father Olivia Lee gets her dry wit and careful logical thinking.  From her mother she gets her love of dressing casually and feeding herself.  Today we combined these shared loves for a special meal before I take her to Oma and Opa's for the WHOLE WEEKEND.  I figured I'd give her everything she ever wanted, and throw in a nice warm bath to boot.

Thus, we have a  naked baby sweet potato eating naked mushy sweet potatoes.

I make cannibalism look GOOD, people.

It's not just every day that you get sweet potatoes in your eyelashes.

Sweet Pota-TOES!  Get it?  Get it?

She hasn't yet figured out that she can feed herself with her hands.  Because food comes from SPOONS.  SPOONS, YOU IMBECILE!

Post-breakfast, Pre-bath revelry.

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