Monday, January 11, 2010

Inching Off the Ledge

She's cute. Not tonight, when she spent hours screaming her fool head off for no reason instead of sleeping like she so obviously wanted to, but in general she's cute.

Let's remind ourselves of this, shall we? I need to remember the good times when the bad times have so recently shrieked their way out of my baby's body like so many exorcized demons.

Cute, right?  There's hope to regain this cuteness in the future, right?  Right?  What about this:

Babies in hats are cute, right?  Maybe I should put a hat on her when she wails all night long.  Maybe that would work.  I mean, it's not personal, right?  We used to feel like this about each other.

But now she's not so sure.

I'll sleep on it.  She'll (hopefully) sleep on it.  We'll start again tomorrow.

Night, night, baby.

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