Friday, November 27, 2009

Rookie Mistake

We did a poor job of protecting Olivia's personal space and schedule this holiday.  This bit us in the ass hard tonight as she suffered a 3 hour bout of sweaty, red-faced, tear-stained SCUH-REAMING before she was finally able to go to sleep.  After two days of interrupted naps, late nights, and constant stimulation, she conclusively let us know that our Thanksgiving aggression would not stand.  We heard you loud and clear (and long), Livy.  Mama and Daddy fully understand now.

So, Olivia, I officially apologize to you for not putting your needs first.  Compromise means accommodating your needs within the context of the holidays, not trying to override them because of our social life.  And to our family and friends, I apologize for letting you be a part of her discomfort because of our failure to insist on Olivia's needs being met.  We'll do better next time.

Love you, family and friends.  Thanks for a great holiday!  Love you, SLB.  Thanks for wrestling our demonic girl into angelic sleep tonight.  Love you, baby girl.  Thanks for a great everything, you chubby little screaming life-enhancer.

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