Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Congratulations and Well Done!

Today we congratulate three people on their outstanding achievements!  Mark November 18th on your calendars, folks.  It has been an extraordinary day.

First, Livy. 

As I was making lunch in the kitchen, I heard a number of heinous farts coming from the dining room where Olivia was swinging happily in her baby swing.  Readying myself for an epic diaper change, I was delighted to discover that Livy has learned how to blow excellent raspberries!  She was so delighted with herself that she'd blow a resounding "pthpthpthptht!" and then smile, only to repeat the process over and over and over again.  This means that she can now make fart noises in two different ways.  As a family in which gas is elevated to performance art, this is very important. 

Olivia Lee Larsen, Mama gives this a thumbs up!

Next, we must honor the efforts of our beloved neighbors.  In what I must assume is a pursuit for decorating efficiency they have wisely decided to keep their festive knitted snowmen in the window facing our kitchen window ALL YEAR LONG.  And now, at long last, their endurance is about to pay off!  Their holiday decor is very nearly almost kind of appropriate to the season!  Bravo, brave neighbors!  I salute you!

If you peek through the lattice you can see the all-season snowmen.  You lucky voyeurs, you.

And what have YOU achieved today?  I thought as much.  Well, let these heroic souls inspire you and make tomorrow your day to shine!

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